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Corporate Movie

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The world where darkness is gone and light always stays The way to connect you to the world and lead you to a better tomorrow. Taihan makes that way. The power to light up the future. The willingness to make the possibility real. We Connect the Future. Taihan Beyond the first, towards the top (Pause) Taihan keeps moving forward. Starting as the first comprehensive cable company in Korea, Taihan has pioneered in the fields of power and communication cable and base metal by constantly challenging and innovating, holding the titles of ‘the first in Korea and the first in the world' repeatedly. With the history of growth over 60 years, Taihan has established subsidiaries and branch offices in major Markets across Asia, the Middle East and Oceania, Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Taihan is raising its position as a global leading company by demonstrating world-class technology and quality. And now, Taihan is opening up the future of the cable & solution industry with our focus on commitment for contribution to customer value, stronger technology and network based on the completely new image. Taihan realizes perfect quality at its production bases all over the world including Dangjin Plant. The center of Taihan's technology and the key engine of competitiveness. Dangjin Plant is the world’s largest cable manufacturing plant as a single one, And it is a smart and green factory with state-of-the-art production lines and eco-friendly systems. At its unit factories of EHV cable, industrial cable, communication cable, base metal, etc. and at VCV tower with world's highest height, Dangjin Plant performs all the processes from conductor production to finished-product testing at one-stop and produces perfect products. In addition, we are making the world's best cable accessories at Dangjin Accessories Plant. Furthermore, we are securing production bases in strategic areas of the global market. Taihan Vina’ with global competitiveness in Vietnam based on its new investments; ‘Saudi Taihan’, the first HV-class power equipment plant in Saudi Arabia, and South Africa's M-TEC, the bridgehead of African market entry, Through our global manufacturing subsidiaries, we have responded quickly and flexibly to the needs of all our customers and market changes around the world. From light bulbs which light up the darkness to power which drives the factory, Taihan delivers energy and information all over the world. Taihan, which developed the 154kV OF cable in 1976 and opened the door to the extra-high voltage era of Korea. Taihan has created differentiated value as a pioneer in this field including 500kV XLPE cable, which were first commercialized in North America, HVDC and submarine cable, which are capable of long-distance high-capacity transmission, and long-distance XLPE cable measuring longer than 2km. In addition, such as overhead conductor for high-capacity transmission and medium and low-voltage cable, refractory and flame retardant cable, bus duct and trolley wire, Taihan provides optimized products to meet customers' various needs. Furthermore, in order to secure the stability and reliability of the power grid, we are producing cable accessories based on our advanced technology and know-how. From system design, production, test, connection and construction to diagnosis and maintenance, Taihan has the perfect total solution to build a stable power network in any environment. In addition, Taihan plays a key role to build network in major local & global markets. Taihan provides sophisticated technology in all network areas such as coaxial cable, data cable, optical cable, etc. to securely and quickly send and receive large amounts of data keeping steps with 5G. Base metals used as basic materials for electricity, electronics, etc. Based on continuous technology developments and abundant facility operation experiences, Taihan supplies ultra-precision copper rods and contributes to improving the competitiveness of the related industries. Taihan has been leading the cable industry by introducing advanced technology under the leadership of its Technology Research Center. We will continue to develop next-generation products and materials, provide creative solutions, and present a road map for the cable industry. Also, we will provide professional training to our customers and partners around the world through the Technology Training Center. And, we will contribute to the training of engineers and advancement of cable technology. Efforts to advance to a better future are triggered within Taihan. Taihan is guided by transparent and coherent ethical management. We pursue customer satisfaction and realize the advanced future with our people-oriented corporate culture. We will grow into a company that raises the adoration we receive from our customers to a greater level. With the realization of the best technology and quality, with continuous challenges and innovations, Toward tomorrow that we will meet, hope that we dream, the future that we expect We will open up a new path without fear. Taihan

Submarine Cable

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The world where darkness is gone and light always stays The way to connect you to the world and lead you to a better tomorrow Taihan makes that way We are pushing forward with the eco-friendly and high-efficiency cable product development based on robust-based technology and continuous research-oriented policy and contributing to the various renewable energy industries soft-landing. Based on successfully installed submarine cables for local projects, i.e. Yeosu-Janggoon Island, JeollaNam-do Jang-Juk Waterways, Busan Yeongdo Bascule Bridge, Ulsan Newport and Gunsan Port, further, Seychelles Archipelago in Africa, We secured an order for the largest-scaled offshore wind farm development project in Korea, which is the West-South Offshore 2.5gigawatt Wind Farm Project Test Bed R&D work and supplied & installed. Besides, we made splendid achievement of securing Inter-array Main Project. Designed and established as an eco-friendly smart factory style, Dangjin Plant holds the world's tallest VCV tower whose height is 160.5 meters and state-of-the-art exclusive production line for high-quality submarine cables. we can produce and provide maximum diameter 175mm, length 10km submarine cables. We have our own test equipment enabling all kinds of test performances. In 2016, we achieved the certification and KEPCO for 22.9kilovolt submarine cables. We demonstrated J-tube pull-in test for offshore wind towers and product reliability was verified based on specific installation conditions, accordingly. Cable shipment is normally made at Pyeongtaek Seaport of which berth capability is around 50,000 metric ton and quite adjacent to Dangjin Plant. For the best transportation and shipment of submarine cables, our professional engineers have already secured the safest and fastest land transportation route from Dangjin Plant to Pyeongtaek Seaport based on sufficient experiences. We have deep empirical knowledge to have been accomplished cable shipping work without any problems despite the harsh environmental conditions of large tidal range of the West Sea. For the sake of the safest installation of the submarine cables in the various enviroment, Taihan close technical collaboration together with the prominent domestic and foreign submarine cable installation companies. Sincerely based on the precious past experiences in product delivery and construction work of offshore wind farms, Taihan has been erected as much successful track records and is further stepping into the world markets. Taihan will never stop stepping forward as a socially matured and responsible leader in the global cable industry by manufacturing the world's best quality submarine cables.


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The world where darkness is gone and light always stays The way to connect you to the world and lead you to a better tomorrow Taihan makes that way Overhead Transmission Conductor! Offering the highest degree of conductivity in the world. The overhead transmission conductor is now evolving from traditional ACSR to HTLS type. HTLS type, High temperature low sag, offers cost reduction, improved capacity and conductivity, and minimization of civil complaints such as noise and light issues. Taihan ACCC is the most optimized HTLS overhead transmission conductor that leads the market trends and satisfies the customer’s needs. Unlike ACSR with steel core, ACCC’s composite core consists of carbon-glass fiber and epoxy resin. Compared to steel core in the same diameter, carbon composite core offers higher tensile strength, lower coefficient of thermal expansion rate, and lighter weight. Even material of conductor and the shape of wire are differentiated. While traditional ACSR uses hard aluminum round type wires, ACCC uses fully annealed trapezoidal type aluminum wires, which doubles the conductivity of traditional ACSR. ACCC has 28% higher sag improvements and 30% stronger tensile strength. Thanks to these features, ACCC is the perfect solution for low sag demanding conditions and long span conditions such as cross-country or sea crossing site. While ACCC can easily withstand heavy electrical load conditions such as near power plant areas, it also can be applied near metropolitan areas for enhancing transmission capacity. ACCC’s safety and efficiency is recognized through over 70,000km ACCC supply to more than 30 nations. Taihan has a record of supplying over 1,100km of ACCC throughout the world including SCE 110kV transmission conductor replacement project in the United States and 110kV project in Vietnam. In Korea, its construction features, maintainability, and economic feasibility have been recognized through various projects and researches starting with Je-ju Demonstration Project in 2011 carried out by KEPCO, pilot projects carried out in Go-chang, Young-kwang regions and cooperative research carried out by KEPCO. Then, with the performance of forest fire trial examination, heat-resisting property and safety of carbon fiber composite core support wire have been verified. Through this verification, Taihan supplied ACCC in the project carried out in 2018 where 12km of 154kV ACSR in between Shin-deogeun and Su-saek substation was replaced with HTLS type transmission conductor. Moreover, through the strategical technology cooperation with CTC, ACCC composite core manufacturer, Taihan succeeded in developing AZR with enhanced mechanical features of ACCC. ACCC AZR offers more ACCC AZR conductor offers nearly the same efficiency, but far greater overall strength. The added strength and increased tensile modulus mitigates conductor sag under heavy wind or ice loads, or very long spans conditions such as Korea, Canada and Russia. Taihan is producing the best quality products with exclusive ACCC production line and finished product test facilities in Taihan VINA in Vietnam and Dangjin plant in Korea, the largest wire manufacturing factory in the world. From maximum diameter 44.75mm and maximum 3,189A of current allowance, Taihan offers customized specifications to the customers. Through blasting facilities, Taihan is able to produce ACCC in non-specular type, which complies with the non-specular regulations in North America. Moreover, Taihan ensures perfect product quality and reliability by conducting self-verifications through the utilization of our own facility. In the future, based on our excellent technical skills, production capability and supply record, Taihan shall contribute not only in safe power grid construction, but also in customers’ value creation by supplying transmission conductor that meet different demands of customers. Taihan will never stop stepping forward as a socially matured and responsible leader in the global cable industry by manufacturing the world's best quality ACCC.
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