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Taihan’s loose tube jelly-filled type optical cables for duct are ideal for duct installation by minimizing the outer radius while improving tensile strength and flexibility. The cables manufactured with jelly-compound anti-humidity layer and sheath take into account external environmental change so that it can withstand extreme weather conditions. In addition, its excellent mechanical properties enable the cables to maintain integrity and last longer.



Subscriber line
Long-distance transmission system


Standard optical fiber count: 2-144 cores
Excellent optical features
Stable mechanical, environmental properties
High in tensile strength
Ant-proof properties (only when requested)


Optical Fiber:Single mode, multiple mode, dispersion shifted, non-zero dispersion
shifted, Anywave single mode optical fiber
Central Strength Member: Galvanized steel wire or FRP
Jelly Compound: Water-proof jelly compound
Loose Tube: Thermoplastic (PBT)
Inserted Core: Polyethylene
Tape: Plastic tape or water-proof non-woven fabric tape
Anti-humidity Layer:Laminated aluminum tape
Sheath:Black polyethylene

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