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Taihan Electric Wire is a global leader striving to provide the best value to customers

제목 Taihan participates in global exhibitions and explores overseas markets such as Europe. 작성일 2017.05.10 조회수 8138


Taihan participates in global exhibitions

and explores overseas markets such as Europe.


Taihan actively participated in famous global power exhibitions such as "ELFACK 2017" in Sweden and the "ICC Conference" in the US, and accelerated its overseas market strategy to countries such as Europe and North America.


This time, Taihan attended "ELFACK 2017," the largest electric industry exhibition in Northern Europe, in Gothenburg, Sweden from May 9th to 12th. At this exhibition, Taihan introduced major products such as extra-high voltage cables, submarine cables, and increased capacity lines, and stressed its turnkey project capabilities as a part of customized solutions for customers. In addition, the company did its very best to secure new customers such as establishing a network of power markets across Europe, including the Electricity Board in the Nordic region.


In addition, Taihan participated in the "Insulated Conductors Committee (ICC) Conference" held in San Diego, United States from July 7th to 9th. At the ICC, a power-related technology conference, Korea Electric Power took this opportunity to mainly introduce its underground cables that are supplied to 150 electric power suppliers in North America, and conducted technology-related training programs. On the 10th, local Taihan distributors were invited to a venue to share in the vision and strategy for 2017 titled, "2017 Sales Representative Conference" and Taihan determined to make effort to firmly strengthen its competitive edge in the North American market. In addition, Taihan will participate in "JECA 2017," the electrical equipment industry exhibition scheduled to be held in Japan for three days starting May 17th.


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