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제목 Taihan completed its first 500kV project in North America. 작성일 2017.04.17 조회수 14291


Taihan completed its first 500kV project in North America.


On April 14th, Southern California Edison (SCE), a leading power company in California hosted the "SCE 500kV Ceremony." To commemorate the successful completion and normal operation of the 500kV underground line project conducted for the first time ever in North America, Taihan was invited to a venue hosted by SCE that was also attended by some partner companies such as POSCO Daewoo, the global EPC company, Black & Veatch, and more than 150 executives and stakeholders from over 20 companies.


The SCE 500kV project was commissioned by SCE to build a new power network in Chino Hills, California. SCE jointly awarded the project to Taihan and Daewoo International. In the project, Taihan would be responsible for power grid design, the supply of cables and connectors, installation and commercial operations. The period between winning the order in October 2014 and commercial operations beginning in December of last year spanned about two years two months, and now normal operations have been underway for the past four months.


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