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Taihan Electric Wire is a global leader striving to provide the best value to customers

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THIHAN USA Founded in 2000 to drive entry into the US market, Taihan USA has grown to become a major supplier in the US, now with offices in the East and West. Based on its unrivaled competitiveness, Taihan has been laying the groundwork as a supplier of various products such as extra-high voltage, medium-low voltage, and overhead cables throughout North America, and will expand its portfolio that includes optical communication and submarine cables in the near future.
THIHAN Netherlands After founding the UK branch in 2017 to open the first door to Europe in 2017, Taihan established Taihan Netherlands in September 2019 to strengthen competitiveness in the European market. Taihan Netherlands is a leading base for expanding Taihan's global competitiveness in the European electric cable market, the home of the electric power industry.
  • Address : Stroombaan 4 1181 VX Amstelveen The Netherlands
  • Tel : +31-20-358-3541
  • E-mail : jhhan@taihan.com
THIHAN KUWAIT Taihan Kuwait, which is Kuwait's first optical cable production corporation, was established in 2021 as a joint investment with Rank, a Kuwait construction and trading company. Taihan Kuwait, which has been in full swing with the goal of launching a prototype in the first half of 2022, plans to expand its market to Europe and GCC countries, including Kuwait.
  • Address : House No. 8, Street No. 26, Block No. 4, Sabah Al Salem, Kuwait.
  • Tel : +965 2552 8642
  • Fax : +965 2552 8508
  • E-mail : hslee0822@taihan.com
M-TEC M-TEC, located in South Africa, was established in 2000 as a forward base to target the African continent. M-TEC is a general cable company that produces optical communication cables and power cables, and has been supplying high-quality cables to many countries in Africa, including South Africa.
  • Address : 1 Steel Road, Peacehaven, Vereeniging 1939, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Tel : +27-16-450-8220
  • Fax : +27-16-450-8202
  • Web : www.m-tec.co.za
  • E-mail : info@m-tec.co.za
TCV Taihan Vina is a general cable company located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and has been producing a wide range of power and communication cables. Taihan Vina has been growing rapidly thanks to Vietnam's economic growth and growing demand for electricity infrastructure. Apart from that, it continues to export to the Americas, Oceania, and Southeast Asia, playing a role as a bridgehead to advance into the global electric power market.
  • Address
      - Factory : Long Thanh IZ,
         Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
      - HCMC Rep : 152/11B Dien Bien Phu St., W.25, Binh Thanh District, HCM City, Vietnam
  • Tel : +84-28-3518-0786
  • Fax : +84-28-3518-0785
  • Web : www.taihancable.com.vn
  • E-mail : hkjoo@taihancable.com
SAUDI Established in February 2017, Saudi Taihan is the first manufacturer of HV (High Voltage) class cable connector in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region. Saudi Taihan has been producing high-quality cable connectors at its local factories to build power infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, and is positioning itself as the No. 1 power device manufacturer in the Middle East.