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Taihan Electric Wire is a global leader striving to provide the best value to customers

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THIHAN USA Taihan USA was established in 2000 to promote sales in the U.S. market. Since 2003 it has taken root in the market by beginning to supply high- and low-voltage cable products to electric power generators and distributors. It is committed to expanding its market base in the United States.
M-TEC M-TEC, or Malesela Taihan Electric Cable, is a joint venture established in 2000 in South Africa. An integrated cable and wire company including optical cable and electric power cable, it is becoming a premier supplier for the continent.
  • Address
    - 1 Steel Road, Peacehaven, Vereeniging 1939, Gauteng, South Africa
  • - Postal address: P.O. Box 1643, Vereeniging 1930, Gauteng, South Africa
  • TEL : +27-16-450-8200
  • FAX : +27-16-450-8202
  • http://www.m-tec.co.za
  • e-mail : info@m-tec.co.za
TCV TAIHAN VINA is a cable factory located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, producing various range of communication and eletric power cables. We play a leading part in the cable manufacturing industry in the Southeast Asian Market as there has been a considerable increase in the demand for electric power along with the significant economic growth in Vietnam.