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제목 TAIHAN’s executives and employees host the Harmony Festival 작성일 2016.09.23 조회수 3983


TAIHAN’s executives and employees host the Harmony Festival.

On September 23, TAIHAN held its Harmony Festival in the Anyang Sports Complex, located in Dongan-gu, Anyang City, with 1,000 participants including the executives of the company, employees, and their families. This event celebrated the 1-year anniversary of the acquisition by IMM PE, which occurred on September 25th of 2015. The Harmony Festival was a day for rewarding the employees for their hard work, promoting camaraderie between labor and management, and announcing a new vision for TAIHAN at a time where the industry has seen a remarkable recovery from the previous, once difficult conditions. With the new vision, TAIHAN sought to set a solid foundation for its growth as a global industry leader.

The events began with a declaration of the newly crafted vision statement of TAIHAN, “We Connect the Future”. This statement expresses our determination to deliver the best technology and quality as a cable & solutions company, thereby creating a prosperous future for our employees and our partners. The declaration was followed by sports games based on teamwork and cooperation of all participants, promoting a heartfelt sense of community.



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