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제목 TAIHAN acquires 100% of the shares in Vietnam Corporation and strengthens global competitiveness 작성일 2016.07.22 조회수 3684

TAIHAN acquires 100% of the shares in Vietnam Corporation and strengthens global competitiveness.

TAIHAN has acquired all of the remaining shares (30%) in the Vietnam corporation TAIHAN Sacom Cable (TSC), established as a joint investment venture in 2005, and has relaunched it as a sole investment corporation. The name of the Corporation has been changed from TSC to TAIHAN Cable Vina (TCV), and President Jin-yong Choi of TAIHAN is to serve as its chairman.

Vietnam has seen a rapid rise in the demand for electricity and communication networks due to the increase in investment from the surrounding regions, and the country has emerged as a major market for electricity. Vietnam is not only near markets in Southeast Asia but also close to the major electricity markets in Australia, India, and the Middle East. This makes it easy to secure price competitiveness by reducing logistics costs, allowing us to respond flexibly to the fluctuating quantities of orders from each region. For these reasons, TAIHAN is planning to invest in manufacturing facilities for high profit margin products such as extra high-voltage cables and high temperature low sag conductors to increase TCV’s competitive edge in the market. In addition, the materials for such products will be procured from our Dangjin factory to ensure consistent quality, and the advanced technological capabilities and sales abilities of TAIHAN will be supported to create diverse forms of synergy.

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