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제목 The 100th education of the Taihan Technical Training Center was full of enthusiasm. 작성일 2018.05.17 조회수 2705


The 100th education of the Taihan Technology Training Center was full of enthusiasm.

On 16th, Taihan (CEO, Jin Yong Choi) announced that the 'High-voltage cable connection training' of Taihan Technology Training Center (TTC) was held 100 times.

The Technology Training Center in Dangjin Plant is a place to conduct technology training for employees of Taihan, as well as specialized training on cable and connection equipment for customers and partner companies. 'High-voltage cable connection training' is the core education process of the technology training center. The curriculum is designed to train ultra high-voltage cable connection specialists by providing technical education and connection training to major customers and partners such as domestic power companies and construction companies. From 2009 when the Technology Training Center was established to the present, over 580 people from 19 countries, including Saudi, Singapore, Australia, Russia, etc. have completed training and have been working as connection specialists.

The 100th educational target currently in operation is the staff of Cercon, Saudi Arabia's professional contractor.They are trained to connect Saudi Arabia's main voltage, 132kV high voltage cables. The training, started on the 23rd of last month, will be held for a total of 4 weeks and will be completed by the end of the ceremony on the 18th.


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