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제목 Taihan participated in ‘IEEE PES T&D’, the largest transmission and distribution conference & exposition in US. 작성일 2018.04.18 조회수 3669


Taihan participated in ‘IEEE PES T&D’, the largest transmission and distribution conference & exposition in US.


Taihan has targeted the North American market based on its strategic products such as 500kV cable. Taihan (CEO, Jin Yong Choi) presented strategic products at ‘IEEE PES T&D’, the largest transmission and distribution exhibition in the US and showed its strong will to expand the North American market.

On the 18th, Taihan announced that it participated in 'IEEE PES T & D' held from April 17th to 19th in Denver, Colorado in the Midwest of the United States. 'IEEE PES T&D' is a special exhibition of electric power transmission & distribution and energy industry organized by PES (Power and Energy Society) belonging to IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), and it is evaluated as one of the world's three major electrical exhibitions. About 800 electric equipment companies in about 80 countries participate in 'IEEE PES T&D' to exhibit various products and marketing strategies.


In this exhibition, Taihan introduced a number of products that are considered to be the next generation products in the cable market such as 500kV super high voltage cable, electric power equipment, PP (polypropylene) insulated wire, Aluminium Conductor Composite Core (ACCC) and submarine cable, etc. Especially, we focused on the high-voltage cables that have successfully performed in the US including the 500kV-related products, which have received strong orders from all the projects in the North American market, and emphasized the technically proven technologies and quality in demanding markets.

 The CEO of Taihan, Jin Yong Choi mentioned that, "After establishing a sales corporation in New York in 2000 to enter the US market, we have been able to provide products and services optimized for our customers' needs and have secured our position as a major supplier." He also added, "We will continue to expand our market with high value-added strategic products, including 500kV and ultra-high voltage cables based the two branches of the LA branch in the west and the New Jersey branch in the east."


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