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제목 Taihan released 'TFR-CV-WB Flexion', an upgraded flame retardant cable. 작성일 2018.02.20 조회수 2995


Taihan released 'TFR-CV-WB Flexion', an upgraded flame retardant cable.


On the 20th, Taihan (CEO, Jin Yong Choi) announced that it launched 'Flexion' (TFR-CV-WB), a water blocking tray flame retardant cable, which greatly improved the stability and construction of existing tray flame retardant cable (TFR-CV).

Tray flame retardant cable (TFR-CV) is widely used for electric power supply in buildings. It is coated with flame retardant polyvinyl chloride (FR-PVC) and is safe from fire because it does not spread fire due to cable. Since 2005, Taihan has developed and supplied tray flame retardant cable (TFR-CV) to the market.

'Flexion' is a new product launched by Taihan to upgrade its functions while preserving the performance of existing flame retardant cables. First, it improves the performance of flame retardant polyvinyl chloride (FR-PVC), a coating agent to prevent moisture penetration, which is the biggest cause of cable failure, and to ensure long-term stability. In addition, it can be easily bent since the flexibility is more than twice as high as that of the existing cable; and the shape can be maintained after bending to a desired shape by minimizing the elasticity. Therefore, it can be easily installed.

A staff member of Taihan said "Considering the characteristics required by customers, we continue to preemptively research and develop to provide safer and more convenient products. We will continue to expand market competitiveness by developing differentiated products and improving functions in the field of medium and low voltage cables as well as ultra-high voltage cables."


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