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Promoting 500 billion won capital increase
Taihan announced that it had decided to conduct a capital increase worth about 500 billion won. This..
  • Write : 2021.12.24
An additional order worth KRW 60 billion in the US
Taihan won an order for a power grid project worth about 60 billion won in western California, USA.&..
  • Write : 2021.11.15
Participated in Bitgram International Exposition of Electric Power Technology (BIXPO) 2021
Taihan participated in Bitgaram International Electric Power Technology Expo (BIXPO) 2021 held at Ki..
  • Write : 2021.11.12
Awarded the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award at the Electric Power Industry Export Award
On October 28, Taihan was awarded the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award at the Power Indu..
  • Write : 2021.10.29
Acquired an integrated A grade in ESG evaluation
Taihan has won an integrated A grade in the 2021 ESG evaluation conducted by the Korea Corporate Gov..
  • Write : 2021.10.27
Mid- to long-term environmental strategy "Green 2030" established
Taihan has established a mid- to long-term strategy Green 2030 that embodies environmental managemen..
  • Write : 2021.10.19
Grocery shopping for Chuseok volunteering
On September 16, Taihan-nuri, a volunteer group of Taihan, held a volunteer activity of Grocery Shop..
  • Write : 2021.09.26
A power infrastructure project contract worth 42 billion won achieved in the US
Taihan won an order for a 42 billion won power infrastructure project from a California power compan..
  • Write : 2021.08.09
Full-scale start-up of optical cable business
After being acquired by Hoban Group, Taihan chose the optical cable business as its first investment..
  • Write : 2021.08.06
ESG Management started in earnes
Taihan decided to focus on strengthening ESG management and proceeded with the following procedures:..
  • Write : 2021.06.30
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